Atlantic Railyards Petition

Bill de Blasio, David Yassky, Joan Millman, Jim Brennan, Carl Andrews, Marty Markowitz:

The proposed Atlantic Yards arena and high-rise project would be the largest real-estate development in Brooklyn in 25 years, and would have tremendous consequences for our neighborhoods.

We're being asked to pay for it through hundreds of millions of dollars in public subsidies, yet we are being given no voice in how this project might take shape.

We, your constituents, demand that you call for greater community input in the Atlantic railyards development process. As our elected representative, we expect you to work to:

  • Protect neighborhood quality of life
  • Ensure competitive bidding for the MTA's railyards
  • Explore alternative proposals, including the UNITY plan and the siting of an
    arena in Coney Island

Our community demands appropriate development for the Atlantic railyards, and we demand a meaningful role in our neighborhood's future!








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